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Restaurant ConsultantHave you got a venture in mind and need some expertise to get your project off the ground? Take a look at what services I offer.

  • iconManagement Tips & Guidance

    I am a chef who believes that Indian spices can find a place in any modern-day cuisine. I can provide management tips and guidance to young budding chefs who are starting their own business to master chefs who wish to add a little Indian blend to their highly renowned dishes!

    If you are a newbie looking to start a career in culinary sciences or even a chef who has a lot of experience but not enough manpower, I can be your perfect assistance.

  • iconMenu Creation

    In my opinion a spice can elevate not just another spice but the whole dish and any accompanying dishes. Since I am an Indian chef, what I bring to the table inadvertently has a blend of subtle Indian flavours blended perfectly with modern cooking methods.

    It's not just Indian cuisine that I am so passionate about but also other cuisines such as Italian, Spanish, Chinese, American or Thai. We can also chat about fusion dishes you may wish to create.

  • iconConcept Development

    In the culinary world, the main thing that keeps you hooked to it is the idea of being an avid inventor. The batter of invention requires a few little drops of intelligence, mixed with a 100 ounces of passion and swirled with a lot of creativity.

    If you're the one who looks out for the wow-factor in everything you prepare but don't know where to start from, I can assist you. Having served in the Industry for about 16 years and having worked with some of the best names, I've developed a unique sense of what goes best with what.

  • iconKitchen Designing

    Cooking is like a place of worship, it should be entered into with complete devotion or not at all. One of the rookie mistakes that one often overlooks is as simple as the Kitchen design. It makes the workplace your personal possession, gives it a more authentic look and can help you take your art to the next level.

    Having said that, kitchen designing is not as simple as it sounds. Factors both internal and external have to be looked out for. But you happen to be at the right place for this - yes, I can help you professionally design your kitchen best suited to your requirements.

  • iconTraining Young Chefs

    Food is one of the basic necessities of life. Thus the art of cooking is the one which comes with a lot of responsibility. It can be hard for young chefs to find their voice in such a tough world where experience speaks more than your skills. Learning to cook in a healthy environment, masked with a little humour and joviality can help you get along with just about anybody.

    Having worked at all levels of the culinary world, from a trainee to head chef, I am more than willing to offer whatever I've learned to the young budding guns of today.

  • iconMaintaining Health and Hygiene

    One of the basic etiquette of humans is the maintenance of basic health and hygiene. In a world full of pandemics and viral diseases which spread like wildfire, it makes no sense if your health standards are not up to the mark or even above the mark. Maintaining hygiene not only makes the customer happy but also gives you peace of mind.

    Serving healthy is not just about the fresh veggies or the best products, but also about the care and affection you put into the dish. So if you're reading this and having an epiphany as to why your customers leave bad comments on your review panel, please contact me.

  • iconUpdating Your Menu

    We live in a digital world, where updates are the unavoidable evils which have plagued us right now. But speaking from the other side of the kitchen table, I would say it is the best way to keep yourself up to the trend and also to bloom your business. Updates help you have a better version in the same model.

    Keeping yourself updated helps you tag all the sections of the society without having to change your core principal beliefs. Given my personal experience and knowledge, I would help you update your profile in the most reasonable manner and fashion.

  • iconCollaboration Opportunities

    Nothing gives me more pleasure than learning even at this stage in my life. A collaboration with me not only brings a new flavour, style, mannerism and persona to your environment but also helps me learn new things which I keenly look forward to.

    As a person who has a body of a grown up and a heart of a kid, learning new things is my passion. So if you're looking to add a healthy Indian/Punjabi tadka to your spice mix, please connect with me.

20+ Years of Culinary Experience All the know how that you need

Restaurant Consultant: Professional Chef UK

Indian Chef Arbinder provides various services to get the project of someone better. Master Chef Restaurants UK provide the following services:-

Management Tips and Guidance - Indian Chef Arbinder is a professional Chef that believes in that Indian spices can find any place in any modern-day cuisine. Chef provides different types of management and guidance tips to the young Chefs who are struggling in their own business to master chefs who wish to add a little Indian blend to their highly renewed dishes. If you are looking to start your career in the future as a chef, try learning from Indian Chef Arbiner who has a lot of experience and practical skills.

Menu Creation - Indian Chef Arbinder has a blend of subtle Indian flavors blended perfectly with modern cooking methods. It’s not just Indian Cuisine that he is so passionate about but also has a passion for other cuisines such as Italian, Spanish, Chinese, American or Thai.

Concept Development - Chef should have a quality of being an avid inventor and he requires a few little drops of intelligence, missed with a 100 ounces of passion and swirled with a lot of creativity. If you want to become like this kind of Chef then you can connect to me.

Kitchen Designing - Chef also helps you to design your kitchen. The environment and place where you are going to work should look more authentic.

Maintaining Health and Hygiene

Updating Your Menu

Collaborations Opportunities

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